Want to know what's clever?




Intelligent, online personal training.









Gaining a tribe of support like no other.









Improving your body at a pace to fit your life, to last your entire life.



 Our training is much more than 1 hour, once or twice a week in a gym.

(you don't even need a gym)


Clever training comes to you, at your pace, when you're ready, wherever you are. 






What makes CleverPace different?



Our coaching is based on science. (it can be proven)

Our coaching is based on habit change. (got habits?)


We don't stop at only covering the diets and fitness...


We gotta handle the good and bad days, right?


CleverPace training will fit both - especially the bad days.

Because that's life.  We plan for that.





We use science as foundation for our principles and we coach with encouragement and truth. You will find allies, cheerleaders, and friends in CleverPace, lending support and accountability.





Flexible to Life.

Delivered online,

where & when you are!




Every person's goal is different.


Our clients have come to us because of many reasons (here are a few): 



CleverPace is not just a passing fad. We teach a simple, attainable way to live healthy in the body you want. To live strong. And to maintain successes. 



How does payment work?



Heard of Netflix? CleverPace is a subscription, like that. It may cost about the same, but we may even be more entertaining at times. Just like you can access your Netflix account just about anywhere, it's the same for CleverPace. Who knew we were so similar? Yet so different, too. We are definitely more strong than chill...




Meet the Trainers


 We are online personal trainers, coaching fitness & nutrition from a habit-focus, to bring about a body and behavioral transformation that will last LONG TERM.



When the sparkle of fitspo, tricks & willpower no longer dazzle you....