Habitually Improving your Body & Behavior

We are a new breed of personal training with strong behavioral blood in our program designs.


Your habits shape your body.  It's just the way humans are.  We teach you how to train your habits, and your body.




Flexible to Life.

Delivered online,

where & when you are!


To habitually improve, you need to sustainable training, designed to provide individual habit-work practice you need.  How long that takes, which habits are need creating or changing, is unique to each of us!


Our flexible training doesn't stop with the science of Body Transformation. We use that science and others to help you master the art of habitually improving your body.  We want you to experience a Behavior Transformation for habits that will forever have the final word on shaping your body.



It's unrealistic to expect that an A-Game will bring success, and be what will KEEP it!                      You need more than perfection and willpower to do the job of body improvement.

We've all seen nutrition bumper sticker advice: 

    abs are made in the kitchen.

We've all heard the fitness advice:

     use it or lose it


Maybe you took the next steps and took action on them.

Maybe you even got results with mantra-like advice and generic, made-for-general-use nutrition or fitness plans.  


Did the success stick?  

How long?

Did it creep back eventually?  

Did it unravel later?  


Scientific research answers with a "YEP, it left".  Inside 5 years, not many can brag about what happened "in boot camp that one year", or with a nutrition plan or supplement.


Does it make you feel tricked or unlucky?


You're neither!  


Think of it as an experiment on the depths of your willpower. 

You know how to use it, and now you understand it will always be limited in it's power to sustain progress, or to get you through transformations that require plenty of time.  


It's not your fault.  It's not the training plan per se, either.  It's not just about "wanting it bad enough".  We start with clients who are entirely unprepared for what comes after the first success:   maintenance.  We teach them how to sustain continued success, regain successes, and how to keep them ... without willpower.  


After your training with CleverPace, you'll be ready to face the years ahead with your success still in tact (we hope you'll do it with a hero-stance).  You'll be confident you have the tools to sustain it ... and you'll know how to use them with mastery and flair.  

(flair not included, bring or create your own)




The real question isn't about goals, or which methods will transform your body.




The human body is wired for preservation - which also makes it able to heal, adapt, and improve.  You can indeed improve.  You were made for it, in fact.


 'Can you keep it?' is the million dollar question no one sets out to answer, and few are equipped to face without willpower!


We are of the few.  

Keeping it is our "thing" with CleverPace.  


Our eye is singular to setting you up for success long term; not just hitting your target,

but keeping up with it when it's moving (ie: maintenance!).


We don't just want you to gain a quickie "before & after" photo.

That's only one milestone of many in CleverPace.  


If you value the work you invest in yourself, if you value the progress you earn,

then consider the other milestones you must attain, too!  Maintenance should be one of those.


Let's train for the next step in this body change work, together!


Earn your progress.

Then KEEP it this time.  


We hope you'll be in that body for a long time.  

We think you're worth learning skills to keep the successes of creating a strong body and habits.

Don't you?

Over the Willpower Carousel and Yo-Yo Tools to improve your body?

then you're ready for